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We’re a team of studio alumni who were frustrated by the lack of new and diverse voices in the traditional studio animation world.

We witnessed the rise of digital media and Web2, and we realized that to engage with audiences where, when and how they wanted, we’d need to fundamentally rethink animation production and develop new tech + processes.


So we created a real-time tech stack that enables the speed + quality required to more deeply engage with digital communities and unlock the true potential of co-creation.

We started to partner with some of the best creators + storytellers on the planet to create animated character worlds for our communities.

We were one of the first studios to pioneer community-driven animated personas on social media (🙌  Poppy on…aka OG TikTok) and we created the #1 animated series on Snap Discover.


And now we’re helping forge the future of Web3 by launching community-owned projects on the blockchain that bypass traditional gatekeepers and unlock creative freedom + financial upside for storytellers.

We’re the studio behind The Gimmicks, the first-ever community-driven animated NFT series that puts creative control + commercial benefit in the hands of the creators + fans.


We’re a nextgen animation studio that’s democratizing animation for storytellers.

We are Toonstar.


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